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You understand that by clicking the I AGREE button you are providing ‘written instructions’ to HomeVantage under the Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizing HomeVantage to obtain information from your personal credit profile or other information from Experian. You authorize HomeVantage to obtain such information solely to credit pre-qualify you for a Mortgage Loan.

Consent To Contact and Electronic Disclosures

Introduction: You are submitting a request for a loan pre-qualification (hereinafter, a “Request”). We can only give you the benefits of our service by conducting our business through the Internet. In order to do this, we need you to consent to our giving you certain disclosures electronically. This document informs you of your rights when receiving legally required disclosures, notices and information ("Disclosures") from us. By completing and submitting a Request through us, you acknowledge receipt of this document and consent to the electronic delivery of such Disclosures as well as to communication by us as described below.  

Consent to Contact
: By submitting your Request containing your electronic signature, you are expressly permitting 
HomeVantage to contact you at the email address you provided and at the telephone number(s) you provided, regardless of whether the phone number is a landline or a mobile phone; to assist you with your Request. Your submission provides consent to any such calls even if your phone number is listed on any state or federal Do Not Call list, and you acknowledge and agree that HomeVantage or an associated third party may use an automatic dialing system in connection with calls made to any landline or mobile telephone number you provided. Your submission permits HomeVantage to contact you via the aforementioned methods for a period of 90 calendar days, unless you withdrawal consent as outlined below.  

Electronic Communications
: Any additional Disclosures related to your Request will be provided to you electronically, either (i) directly to any email address you provide on your Request (or any updated address you provide later) or (ii) on our website. If Disclosures are provided on our website, we will give you our appropriate website address in advance and send an email or regular mail notice if that address changes.

Consenting to do Business Electronically
: By checking the box next to "Consent to Contact & Electronic Disclosures" and clicking on the "Continue" button, you agree that 
HomeVantage may provide Disclosure to you electronically. Disclosure means any information that we are required by law to provide to you in writing in connection with your loan pre-qualification or any resulting or subsequent transactions with us.  

Hardware and Software Requirements
: To access, view and retain Disclosures, you will need (i) a valid working e-mail account and (ii) access to a computer, operating system and telecommunication connections to the Internet capable of receiving, accessing, displaying and either printing or storing Disclosures electronically. You also needbrowser software that supports 256-bit security encryption and Adobe Reader® version 9.0 or higher. We will
notify you of any changes to these requirements that create a risk that may prevent you from receiving Disclosures electronically.  

Withdrawing Consent
: You may withdraw consent to Communications and/or Electronic Disclosures at any time by calling 888-795-6575 or by sending an email to We will not charge you a fee for withdrawing your consent. If you withdraw your consent, the legal effectiveness, validity and/or enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures will not be affected. Any withdrawal of your consent will be effective only after we
have a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal.  

Paper Copies:
You may request a paper copy of any Disclosure by contacting us at one of the channels provided above. To the extent permitted by law, there may be a $10 processing fee assessed for each request for a paper copy.

Changes to E-Mail Address
: You must promptly inform us of any change in your e-mail address by contacting us at one of the channels provided above.

Your Ability to Access Disclosures
: By checking the box next to "Consent to Contact & Electronic Disclosures" and clicking on the "Continue" button, you acknowledge that you can access the Disclosures in the formats described above.

I AGREE to the Terms & Conditions
I certify that I have read and agree to the Consent to Electronic Disclosures.